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An introductory session for new hunters & those considering learning or exploring this ancient practice.

STEWARDSHIP & RESPECT for the land, each other, & the animals we hunt will be a guiding principal.

Learn to Hunt
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** All participants will receive and intro to hunting checklist and reflective journal on crafting "YOUR Hunter's Story & Ethics."

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During This Free Live Training, Caleb & Chris Will Explore:

  • The Hunter's Journey & Why People Hunt Today
  • An Indigenous & European Perspective on Modern Hunting
  • Hunting Ethics & Stewardship
  • How to Get Started (First Steps) & Learning as You Go
  • The Importance of Understanding Ecology & Tracking in Hunting
  • 8-Areas Essential to Hunting with Ethics & Skill
  • A Beginner Hunter's Checklist & Reflective Journal will also be gifted to all who join!

Meet Your Guides:

Between them, Caleb & Chris have over 40 years of hunting experience in a range of tactics, species and weapons. Caleb was brought up in a traditional hunting culture where as Chris learned from scratch as an adult.

Chris Gilmour

Chris Gilmour

Chris Outdoors

I was a vegetarian for 8-years and against hunting at one-time. As my understanding of ecology and sustainability grew, I began to realize there was a different way to hunt than I had experienced, a "Good Way" and a sustainable way.

Hunting to me is about so many things, it is part of my identity as a human. To me, hunting is about a deep connection to the land, being part of the food chain, providing for my family while being a steward of the earth, and achieving some degree of self-reliance and independence from the modern industrial food system.

I have taught ecology and wilderness survival for close to twenty years now. I teach through stories and personal experiences. I will share lots of information but I also teach in a way that guides students to come to their own conclusions, to learn directly from nature, wildlife and themselves. That is why I call myself a "mentor" and not a "teacher".

Caleb Musgrave Canadian Bushcraft

Caleb Musgrave

Canadian Bushcraft

Caleb Musgrave is a Mississauga Anishinaabe Woodsman and Hunter.

He is a generational hunter who grew up learning his techniques and mindset from his father, uncle and grandparents.

In his early twenties he began branching out his hunting companions, learning new morals and philosophies that took him into an even broader perspective.

With a background in ecology as well as archaeology, Caleb has a deep understanding of humankind and hunting.

From tracking, to traditional camouflage and scent covering tactics, to ways to make the most use of the kill, Caleb is an experienced instructor with a mental toolkit that covers a little about everything.

The Hunter's Journey

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